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Darjeeling & Sikkim Trekking

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Trekking in India is one of the most famous adventure sports, attracting trekking enthusiasts from all parts of world. In almost every part of India numerous trekking options are available. Trekking in India is the best way to explore the rugged beauty of the mountains. Indian mountains offer spectacular and enthralling trekking routes. Trekking in India takes one amidst the lofty peaks romancing the shimmering waterfalls. In addition trekking in India brings the trekkers directly in touch with the people living in mountain areas. In fact trekking amidst the high peaks of Indian mountains is a lifetime experience, where reality becomes a dream. Trekking in India consists of several trekking routes some of the most popular include.
Darjeeling & Sikkim Trekking Tour
Darjeeling in West Bengal and Sikkim offer most interesting trekking routes. Trekking in Darjeeling and Sikkim provides glimpses of Mt. Everest and spectacular views of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga.
Darjeeling is the dreamland of the east and boasts of extraordinary natural splendor. At an altitude of 8,586 meters, the Darjeeling hills are the highest mountains in India. This beautiful hill station is largely under forest cover and surrounded by tea plantations, Buddhist monasteries dot the land.
Tourism in Darjeeling and Sikkim provides chance for adventurous trekking tours in Darjeeling. The dense alpine trees, beautiful orchids, panoramic lakes etc. provide the perfect setting for long hikes. A trek to the Tiger Hill is highly recommended. The panoramic glimpse of Mt. Everest and breathtaking view of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga are exhilarating.
Keeping Darjeeling tourism as the base, nature lovers can visit the Mountain Kingdom of Sikkim.

Sikkim is an all-year Indian tourism destination, offering low altitude trekking opportunities in winter and higher-level excursions during the spring, summer and autumn months.
Best Season
May to October.
Prime Attractions
Tiger Hill, Senchal Lake, Mirik Lake, Lebong Racecourse, Teesta River, Rangit River, Singalia Ridge, Rumtek Monastery and Orchid Sanctuary.
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