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Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Gwalior, a historical city of Madhya Pradesh, is rich in cultural heritage and architectural splendor. The city is located 321 Kms from the national capital Delhi, 122 Kms from Agra and 275 Kms from Khajuraho.

Gwalior is surrounded by four Districts namely, Morena in the North, Shivpuri in the South, Bhind in the East and Datia in the west. The District is having two sub-divisions, namely, Gwalior and Dabra are the two sub-divisions. According to legend, the history of Gwalior history goes back to 8 A.D, when hermit saint, Gwalipa cured its chieftain, Suraj Sen, ofa incurable disease.

In gratitude of the saint the chieftain founded the city. Located in the Gird region of North India, Gwalior has witnessed many kingdoms.The fortress in the city has served as the center of those historic kingdoms. The Tomars, Marwahs and Marathas had ruled over the city. Gwalioris blessed with Classical Music legend Tansen. Every year Tansen Samaroh programme takes place in the memory of this maestro.

The new Gwalior city consists of three major areas Lashkar, Morar and Gwalior. Lashkar is thecentre of business activity, while Morar is famous as a market for the farmers and villagers of nearby areas.

Major Tourist Attractions in Gwalior: Gwalior Fort, Archeological Museum, Jai Vilas Palace etc.
Gwalior Fort, Gwalior
Gwalior Fort, popularly called as Gibraltar of India overlooks the city. The fort is situated at a height of nearly 100 meters above the town. The width varies from 1 Km, to 200 meters.

The surrounding walls of the fort are 10 meter high and it contains several temples and mined palaces. The fort can be approached from the South or the Northeast entrances. The southern entrance is through Urbai Gate, while the Northeast entrance starts from the archaeological museums and leads to the doors of the Man Singh Palace.
Archeological Museum, Gwalior
Built in the l5th century by Man Singh for his queen, Mrignayani, it became an Archaeological museumin 1922. The Museum has a huge collection of Hindu and Jain sculptures, archaeological antiquities like inscriptions, copper plates, inscribedseals, stone pillars and capitals, sati stones, metal images, terracotta and coins excavated from ancient sites like Pawaya, Besvagar, Ujjain and Maheshwar.
Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior
The Palace is situated in the new Gwalior city. Jai Vilas Palace was built in 1809 and was designed by Lt.Col. Sir Michael Filose.

The Palace designed on the pattern of the 'Palais de Versailles' in France, combines Tuscan, Italian and Corinthian styles of architecture.The museum has a collection of Belgium cut-glass furniture, including a rocking chair,and tigers all shot, stuffed and moth-eaten.
Accommodation in Gwalior
The Hotels in Gwalior offer a wide array of choice to the tourists. The Hotels in Gwalior range from heritage hotels to two star hotels. The main Hotels in the city include Usha Kiran Palace ( Heriatage Hotel), Hotel Shelter (4 Star Hotel), The Central Park(3 Star Hotel), Hotel Regency Resort (2 Star Hotel), The Regency Square, Hotel Tansen, Hotel Landmark, Hotel Gwalior Regency, Hotel Shelter and Hotel Vivek Continental etc.
Best Time to Visit in Gwalior
The climate of Gwalior varies highly in all the seasons. The mercury touches 46°C during the summers and in winters it goes down below 5°C.Monsoon starts from the first week of June and remains there till August-September. Neverhtheless the most suitable time to visit Gwalior is October to March.
How to reach Gwalior?
Gwalior is well conneted by Airways, Railways and Roads to all the major cities of the country.

By Air - Gwalior is connected by air with Bhopal, Bombay, Delhi and Indore.

By Rail - Gwalior Railway Station is on the mainline, connected with all important cities in India.

By Road - Gwalior is connected by road with Agra 122Kms., Bhopal 420 Kms, Delhi 318 Kms., Indore 486 Kms., Khajuraho 280 Kms.,Sanchi 344 Kms., Bombay 1086 Kms, and other major cities of the country.
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