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Tourism in Central India (Citywise)

Central India Tourism is the heart of India, known for many tourist attractions that attracts foreign tourist to visit wildlife of Central India, lush green forests, highlands in Central India, historic rivers of Central India, highest tribal population of Central India, historic monuments in central India etc.

There are number of tourist destinations to visit in Central India offering glimpse of unrevealed India. In the lap of Satpura, Vindhya mountain ranges, one can find flourishing wildlife and nature at its best.

Madhya Pradesh, is the state in Central India, has highest tiger population in India and offers great wildlife sightseeings to tourists.
Central India is also a home of the tribal population of India. About 40% of total tribal population resides in Madhya Pradesh and its adjoining area of border states.

Being a safe home of highest tribal population, Central India Tourism offers great chance of tribal tour packages revealing actual tribal cultures and rituals in its pure original form.

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