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Dal Lake, Srinagar

Dal Lake in Kashmir
If you want to see a floating city without step out of your luxury houseboat then come to Dal Lake, Srinagar. This five miles long and two and half miles wide, Dal Lake is one of the most visited lakes in India.

The romantic setting of the lake in Srinagar, make it a famous tourist destination. Due to this, its contribution to the socio-economic significance is simply undeniable. The mesmerizing scenic beauty of this place attracts the attention of both national and international tourists.
Surroundings of Dal Lake - Srinagar
Dal Lake Srinagar
Dal Lake is the second largest lake in the Jammu & Kashmir state. Dal Lake Kashmir is one of the most beautiful lakes of India is surrounded by majestic mountains and a large number of gardens. On its bank, the campus of University of Kashmir is also located. You can see hundreds of houseboats, floating markets on this magnificent Lake. You will see salesmen paddle from boat to boat.

You will find everything you could want including cold drinks, fruit, nuts, fresh flowers, film, baked goods, papier-mâché boxes, woolen shawls, silk carpets, leather goods, money-changing services etc.
Shikara Rides in Dal Lake - Srinagar
Shikara Ride in Dal Lake Srinagar
Enjoy the togetherness of your near ones while your shikara glides along the water of Dal Lake. While you are on your trip to the Kashmir Valley, enjoy a shikara ride along the lake and visit sites like Nehru Park, Kanutur Khana, Charchinari etc.

A number of floating islands and typical vegetable farmer villages, are there on the Dal Lake. The popular Mughal gardens, Nishat Bagh and Shalimar Bagh, and the much renowned Hazratbal Shrine can be directly accessible by a shikara. While on shikara, do your shopping for an all time experience.
Houseboat Stay, Dal Lake - Srinagar
Houseboat in Dal Lake Srinagar
The name Kashmir conjures up the beautiful images of shikara rides and houseboats on the much famous Dal Lake. A stay on a houseboat on the Dal Lake means living on the water in a floating luxury hotel. Adorned with an elegant bedroom, with all the luxury of a star-rated hotel, the houseboat offer several living categories, which include Deluxe, A, B, C and D. are Furnished with fine furniture and good carpets along with modern bathroom fittings, they offer a free shikara service up to the closest Ghat.
Contribution on State Tourism
In the Dal Lake Kashmir, an entire community lives and depends upon the lake as their main source of livelihood. Apart from being one of the most beautiful attractions of the valley, Dal Lake also serves greatly to the economy of the valley.

This Lake supports the second largest industry of the region i.e. fishing. Be it tourism be it transportation people of Srinagar largely depends on this lake. Its floating vegetable and flower markets, will offer you such a purchasing experience which you will remember rest of your life.
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