Thar Desert - Rajasthan

Thar Desert - Rajasthan

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Thar Desert - Rajasthan

Thar Desert - Rajasthan
Sprawled over three fascinating, states of India, Thar Desert mesmerized its all visitors with its enigmatic charm. But if you want to see its own charm, then visit Rajasthan. This one of the five major physical divisions of India, in spite of the hostile ambiance is not devoid of life and vegetation. Thar Desert boasts one of the most living and dynamic eco-systems of the world.
Sand dunes
Shifting sand dunes are most attractive highlight of this great desert. Sand dunes in the Thar Desert are one of nature's most gorgeous phenomena. Any photographer's delight, these Sand Dunes are haven for variety of wild flora and fauna.

Through these sand dunes enjoy the nature as much as you can. Some major sand dunes of Thar Desert are Sam Sand Dunes, Ludharwa, Kanoi, Kuldhara, and Khuri Village. To enjoy these Sand Dunes at their best visit them in between October to February
Desert Activities
The Great Indian Desert will give you an amazing experience of Desert Safari. For the ages this sport has recognized as one of the most admired adventure sports amongst the tourists.

If you wish you can venture this sand sea by jeep. Strolling on the ship of the desert, this sand sea will leave an impression of life time on your memories. Spot buzzards, eagles, harriers, falcons and vultures Great Indian Bustard, Black Bucks, Gazelles and Wild Asses etc.
Jeep Safari in Desert
While in desert, Jeep Safari will give you the most handy and audacious way to explore the desert. A fine blend of fun and excitement, you can be enjoyed here.

A regal venture through the Thar Desert will let you explore the wild beauty of this area. In your short trip, enjoy- Wildlife, cultures, forts, palaces, havelis and temples.
Camel Desert Safari
Camels are the most integral part of the desert life style. Popularly known as the ships of desert, Camels are mainly used for transportation and trading.

By camel safari you will get to meet the local people and be a part of desert lifestyle. Discover the unfamiliar paths of the Thar Desert. The hot spots of camel safari are Jodhpur, Bikaner Jaisalmer etc.
Wildlife Safari
Apart from the palaces, forts, temples, elegant monuments, wildlife safaris are also impressive treats for any tourists visiting Thar Desert.

Explore how amazingly animals and vegetations are surviving in this hostile terrain, with the help of some excellent survival strategies.
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