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Location : Near Gaya, Bihar

Famous : Hindu and Buddhist Pilgrimages

Attractions : Bodhi Tree

Excursion : Sarnath City

Feel the vibrations of Buddhist Culture:

Bodhgaya is one of the four most sacred pilgrimage place for Buddhist where the desire of Prince Siddhartha was fulfilled after years of seeking the truth. This is the place where the saga of Buddha began and he finally attained enlightenment at the age of 29 under the sacred Bodhi tree. The Prince had been wandering, practicing austerities in search of answers to his questions of supreme peace. But it was at Bodhgaya only where his efforts were finally rewarded.

Buddhists from all over the world, especially the affluent South East Asia consider this place as sacred one. Lying in secluded sylvan, this holiest place is located on the bank of Niranjana river. It is situated at a distance of 13 kms from Gaya town.

Apart from Buddhist pilgrimage center, Gaya is considered as an important destination for Hindus as people often used to pray for the salvation of their ancestors here.

Major Tourist Attractions in Bodhgaya: Bodhi Tree, Mahabodhi Temple, Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Chankramana, Ratnagarh etc.
Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya
The present Bodhi tree is probably the fifth descendant of the original tree to be planted at this site where the Prince Siddhartha had finally attained enlightenment. This sacred tree plays a very important role in rites and rituals of Buddhists as it is an inspiration of Buddha’s enlightenment.
Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya
The Mahabodhi temple is located in the east adjacent to the original Bodhi tree. It actually stands on the temple erected by Emperor Ashoka and rises in the form of pyramidal spire till it reaches its neck, which is cylindrical in shape. People looking for peace and serenity can spend hours in this temple.
Animesh Lochan Chaitya, Bodhgaya
According to legends, it is believed that Lord Buddha spent seven days here looking towards the sacred Bodhi tree, without flashing his eyes.
Chankramana, Bodhgaya
Chakramana is considered as the holiest spot of Prince Siddhartha’s meditative perambulations during the third week before he finally became consecrate. It is believed that the place where Buddha kept his feet lotus blooms.
Ratnagarh, Bodhgaya
Lord Buddha passed seven days of his life in Ratnagarh, where it is believed that five colors came out of his body.
Famous Excursions from Bodhgaya
Nalanda City
Nalanda district popularly known as Bihar sharif falls on the way to Rajgir. Nalanda is important for two reasons, one it was blessed with the presence of Lord Buddha and other because of the ruins of great ancient university excavated here. Nalanda University played an important role in the development of Buddhism in India.

Sarnath City
Sarnath is a small village located 06 kilometers north of Hindu pilgrimage centre Banaras in Uttar Pradesh. The name Sarnath is derived from the word Saranganath which means “Lord of the Deer”.

It is famous as the site of the deer park where Lord Buddha preached his first sermon to set in motion the wheel of the Dharma. A travel to Sarnath town which is relatively peaceful and green will take you to an ancient world of Stupas and Viharas.

Rajgir City
Rajgir is another place located in verdant valley surrounded by rocky hills where Lord Buddha walked and delivered some of his famous sermons. Being located in a valley, it is a scenic town covered with lush green forests which beckons tourists from all over the world.

Apart from Buddhist pilgrimage centre, it is considered as an important destination for Hindus and Jains as it houses very beautiful Hindu and Jain temples.
Best Time to Visit in Bodhgaya
October to February is considered as the best time to visit this Bodhgaya.
How to reach Bodhgaya?
By Air - The nearest airport to Bodhgaya is Gaya which is at a distance of 17 kms from Bodhgaya. Patna is another airport at a distance of 135 kms which is well connected by major cities.

By Rail - The nearest railway station to Bodhgaya is also Gaya at a distance of 16 kms which is well connected by means of super fast trains from rest of India. Indian Railways has launched a new train, Buddha Parikrama that will take you to Buddhist spiritual tour by connecting all the places associated with Buddha and Buddhism.

By Road - The nearest transport hub is Gaya, 16 kms to Delhi-Calcutta highway junction on Grand trunk road.
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