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Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, India

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Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station located in Satara district of Maharshtra. It lies at a distance of 120 Kms from Pune and 285 Kms from Mumbai.

Mahabaleshwar is a massive plateau coversan area of 150 sq. Kms, surrounded by valleys on all sides. The hill station is situated at an altitude of 1372 meters, in the Western Ghats range. TheWilson or Sunrise Point is the highest peak with an elevation of 1438 meter above the sea level.

Mahabaleshwar is a perfect place for vacations and it offer numerous opportunities for leisure activities like fishing, boating and trekking. Mahabaleshwar also referred as 'The Queen of Hill Stations'was the summer capital of Bombay province during the British era.

Today the hill station serves as a holiday resort and also a famous honeymoon spot.The hill station is very famous due to its beautiful lakes, hills and waterfalls. In addition to its scenic beauty the hill station is also popular for its temples, amazing viewpoints and places of historical significance. The buildings at the hill station range from old colonial type to modern hotel resorts.

The Hindus consider Mahabaleshwar is one of the important Holy places of India. The hill station comprises of three villages namely Malcolm Peth , Old 'Kshetra' Mahabaleshwar and Part of Shindola village.

Major Tourist Attractions in Mahabaleshwar: Wilson Point or Sunrise Point, Connaught peak, Venna Lake, Waterfalls, Elphiston point, Baghdad Point, Kates Point etc.
Wilson Point or Sunrise Point, Mahabaleshwar
It is the highest point at Mahabaleshwar, about 4710 feet above sea level. It is a vastplateau, there are three masonry round platforms which offer splendour view of the sunrise. The platform no : 2 is the best platform to view sunrise, one can also see sunset from this point.
Connaught peak, Mahabaleshwar
This is the second highest point at Mahabaleshwar. The peak offer panoramic view of the lush green surrounding. One can view the sunrise and sunset from this point.
Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar
The beautiful lake is a major attraction for tourists. The lake has good fishing and boating facilities.
Waterfalls, Mahabaleshwar
There are several waterfalls situated at a very short distance from Mahabaleshwar. The famous water falls are Chinaman's (2.5 Kms), Dhobi (3 Kms) and Lingamala (6 Kms). Another beautiful waterfall is Arthur's Seat, 12 Kms away from Mahabaleshwar.
Elphiston point, Mahabaleshwar
It is the first point of Mahabaleshwar. The point overlooking two valleys, namely Koyna on the leftside and Savitri on the right side.
Baghdad Point, Mahabaleshwar
It is a very beautiful point. It provides scenic view of the back waters of Koyna dam on your left and river Solshi in front.
Kates Point, Mahabaleshwar
The point offers breathtaking view of the Krishna valley and deep waters of the Dhom dam.
Famous Excursions from Mahabaleshwar
Gaolani Point
The point is located at a distance of 7 Kms from Mahabaleshwar. The point offers the beautiful view of Koyana valley on right hand.

Arthur's Seat
The points located at a distanceof 12 Kms is considered as Queen of all points. It offers the breathtaking views of barren deep valley Savitri on the left and shallow green valley onthe right. Arthur's seat is the only place, which depicts geographical distinction of Kokan and Desh (Deccan), two territories of Mahabaleshwar.

Pratapgadh Fort
Located at a distance of 24 Kms, the fort has historic importance. It was built in 1656 by Shivaji to control the rebellious Satraps of the surrounding Javali Basin. It is said that Shivaji was blessed here, with ashining sword at the temple of Goddess Bhawani. There is a statue of Shivaji Maharaj inside the fort called Bale Killa. The tomb of Afzal Khan lies at the toe of the fort.
Accommodation in Mahabaleshwar
The hill station has many hotels according to the budgets of guests. The hotels at Mahabaleshwar offers a comfortable stay with the picturesque viewof the hill station. One should keep in mind that most of the hotels remain closed during monsoon.
Best Time to Visit in Mahabaleshwar
As most of the hotels at Mahabaleshwar are closed during monsoon, so there can be accommodation problem. One can visit the hill station any time in the year but the best time to visit is between October and June.
How to reach Mahabaleshwar?
Mahabaleshwar has not its own airport, or railway station. The hill stationis well connected by good motorable roads.

By Air - Pune (120 Kms) is the nearest airport. From Pune one can easily reach Mahabaleshwar by bus or other vehicle.

By Rail - The nearest rail head is Pune (120 Kms),which is well connected to major cities of the country. Satara Road is the closest railway station from Mahabaleshwar, but it is not connected to major cities of India.

By Road - Good motorable roads connect Mahabaleshwar with Pune and Mumbai. One MTDC luxury bus plies daily in either direction between Bombay and Mahabaleshwar. The State Transport buses run from Pune and Bombay every day.
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